General Purpose Motor

low maintenance and reliable

The RAMBOR General Purpose (GP) Motor is a robust pneumatic motor suitable for a range of above and below ground applications. The GP Motor has track-record for being a low maintenance and reliable means to drive conveyors, Longwalls, mixers, winches and pumps.

The Motor/Gear Box Drive is available with a unique silencer system which ensures that oil misting on discharge is kept to an absolute minimum and noise levels have registered as low as 86 dB(A).

The RAMBOR GP Motor is available in a number of different motor/gearbox configurations. The model pictured is fitted with 2-bolt flange and muffler unit; other options are available to meet specific customer applications.


  • Pneumatic motor, ideal for hazardous areas to drive auxiliary equipment or wherever hydraulic power unavailable
  • Delivers full power at stall, unlike hydraulic motors, this causes no damage to unit
  • Available in different configurations to suit requirement
  • Available with unique muffler, for low noise and minimised misting
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