Hydraulic Roofbolter

the lightest and most transportable hydraulic powered drilling solution

The RAMBOR Hydraulic Roofbolter offers premium rotation and thrust performance based on a hydraulic power system. It has been designed to run reliably on all types of hydraulic fluids (including water based) and can operate at a wide pressure range starting with very low pressures and flow rates.

The Hydraulic Roofbolter has variable speed controls for leg and motor that are easy to use and critically do not "bind up" if back pressure increases. All hydraulic fluid is contained and transferred via internal porting and rotary joint so no external hydraulic hoses for maximum handling flexibility, plus rear mounting of supply and return line hoses giving better balance to the roofbolter.


  • Simple setup and usage, easily portable due to low weight
  • High durability of the motor even with water based fluids
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Pistol handle or T-bar handle option
  • Leg lengths and stroke configurations can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.
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