The Driftrunner range has been designed to operate comfortably at peak performance within the challenging conditions of underground coal mining industry and sets the benchmark for reliability, versatility, and service life. Along with being fitters preferred choice of personnel carrier to maintain and well known as the “Drifty” or “SMV” within the industry.

It is also the highest selling personnel carrier combined in both the Australian and International Under Ground Coal Mining Industry, with 683 vehicles being manufactured.

The Driftrunner is avaliable in two versions the “G” and ‘F” Series and fitted with PPK Mining Equipment’s approved ExDES Perkins 1006-6 engine package (MDR 090376) which can be fitted without an approved CH4 system or fitted with the preferred approved CH4 system of your choice, along with PPK Mining Equipment’s approved Transport Braking System MDR 083991 TBS-1.

As the Driftrunner has been designed around a “cab/chassis” configuration, there are several optional rear modules from which to choose, which permits both a cost effective and versatile build program.

The “G” Series being the original model of the Driftrunner, it has the capability of being configured to operate as low as 1830mm and up to 2200mm, where the “F” Series was originally developed for customers who required forward and rear facing rear modules and able to be operated from 1980mm to 2200mm but now available with a side facing module which provides space for both more people and tooling carrying abilities.

Both versions can be configured with the following
modules and customised as per customers’ requests.

Front Cabin Personnel G Series Rear Module Rear Module Seating Capacity Seating Capacity Including Front Cabin
2 STD Side Facing 10 12
2 Flat Tray with or With Out Crane 0 2
2 Split Rear Tray with Side Toolbox 5 7
2 Single Door Ute Tray with or without crane 2 4
2 Extended Dual Cab Ute with or without crane 4 6


Front Cabin Personnel F Series Rear Module Rear Module Seating Capacity Seating Capacity Including Front Cabin
2 Forward and Rear Facing 9 11
2 Side Facing 12 14
2 Forward Facing Ute Cab with or without crane 3 5