The Brumby is a four-wheel steer rigid utility vehicle. It features an un-braked towing capacity of 5,000kg, a braked towing capacity of 10,000kg and a lifting capacity of 4,000kg.

The Brumby is a workhorse and fulfils most general duties required in the service and support of coal mine activities. And avaliable in either a 1-person short wheelbase or 3-person long wheelbase arrangement with an approved Transport Braking System MDR 096013 TBS

This utility vehicle fitted with the PPK Mining Equipment’s approved ExDES Perkins 1006-6 engine package (MDR 090376) which can be fitted without an approved CH4 system or fitted with the preferred approved CH4 system of your choice.

Exceptional stability and manoeuvrability are key features of the vehicle. Several optional attachments are available, and a quick implement connect system is fitted to easily customise its use.

All functions are hydraulically controlled for ease of operation. The operator's cab of the Brumby is unique. All functions are extremely easy to use with the operator. Seated at a 20-degree angle to the centre line of the vehicle.

This allows the operator to reverse the vehicle for long distances comfortably. Centre pivot suspension provides a soft ride and excellent traction. With a huge ground clearance, the Brumby is versatile and capable of handling varying terrains.

Brumby options

There are several options available for the Brumby for ease of use including:

  • Elevated man and work platform (capacity 900kg, 2200 x 1800mm).
  • Fork Tyne units (capacity 4000kg @ 600mm).
  • Cassette loader – Fuel, Lubricant, water carrying
  • 4 in 1 bucket (1.2m3 capacity).
  • Ejection bucket.
  • Fuel pods 800 or 1200 litre capacity
  • Carry-all (capacity 4000kg @ 600mm).
  • Lifting JIB.
  • Trailer option - pod system compatibility