High & Low Seam Drills

modular design allows easier access to confined spaces - an effective alternative to using Air Track rigs

The RAMBOR High & Low Seam Drills are free standing pneumatic drilling systems, capable of drilling all angles through 360 degrees. Ideal for machine mounted/fitted platforms, applications include installation of roof cable bolts, anchors in the floor or rib drilling.

The High Seam Drill extended height is up to 3.5m, while the Low Seam Drill is suited to seam heights of less than 2 m. The Drill Carriage design of both machines enables the longest drilling stroke possible in the roof height where it is operating.

The High & Low Seam Drills have two Stinger legs, allowing the rig to be quickly anchored and drill rotated through 360°. The Stingers are double acting, power up and power down for quick deployment to the next drilling position. The rig is of modular design, so can be easily be broken down into component parts for transport into confined spaces.


  • A versatile, complete and quick to install drilling system
  • Drill Carriage is powered by two double acting pneumatic cylinders, allowing carriage to power up and down with high thrust
  • Robust and reliable RAMBOR pneumatic motor
  • Low maintenance, stainless steel construction frame
  • A removable buggy makes transport and movement easier
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