What we do

PPK Mining Equipment provides a range of solutions and market-leading products that service and support the mining industry.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the team at PPK Mining Equipment are specialists in the maintenance, hire, repair and overhaul of plant and equipment, tooling and consumables for the mining sector and related industries.


COALTRAM® utility vehicles for the mining industry are manufactured by PPK Mining at its Tomago, NSW, manufacturing facility. The underground transport utility vehicles are widely deployed at mines throughout Australia, many featuring Australia’s leading flameproof alternator certified for use in methane gas-prone underground coal mining environments.

COALTRAMs with Tier 3 origin C7 engines have some of the lowest exhaust emissions for underground coal mines. The low-profile Load Haul Dump (LHD) machine is ideal for general underground use.

As an original equipment manufacturer and hirer, COALTRAM® also provides service and support for its vehicles across its customer base.


The Driftrunner range has been designed to operate comfortably at peak performance within the challenging conditions of underground coal mining industry and sets the benchmark for reliability, versatility, and service life. Along with being fitters preferred choice of personnel carrier to maintain and well known as the “Drifty” or “SMV” within the industry.

It is also the highest selling personnel carrier combined in both the Australian and International Under Ground Coal Mining Industry, with 683 vehicles being manufactured.


The Jug-A-0 is an explosion protected (AS3584.2), Diesel-powered four-wheel drive LHD Vehicle, powered by an 8 litre super-charged Hino engine with a load sense hydraulic system with lifting capacities of either 10,000kg (Z1060) or 12,000 kg (Z1210).


The Brumby is a four-wheel steer rigid utility vehicle. It features an un-braked towing capacity of 5,000kg, a braked towing capacity of 10,000kg and a lifting capacity of 4,000kg.

The Brumby is a workhorse and fulfils most general duties required in the service and support of coal mine activities. And avaliable in either a 1-person short wheelbase or 3-person long wheelbase arrangement with an approved Transport Braking System MDR 096013 TBS


Firefly/Rambor designs, manufactures and hires underground coal mining strata support solutions. These are used for the installation of roof and rib (wall) retention chemical anchor bolts and tendons.

Rambor is best known for its manufacture of handheld roofbolters, though in recent years the company has also attained a reputation for designing and building specialist strata support equipment. RAMBOR products include pneumatic and hydraulic powered roofbolters, handheld rib & floor drills, drilling rigs, grout mixers and pumps, temporary roof supports, water separators, and pneumatic motors.

Firefly’s range of underground mining products include those used in drilling and boring applications, lubrication, ventilation, grouting, stone dusting and unit support. As well as carrying out repairs and maintenance, Firefly carries out extensive research and development into market requirements to deliver mining equipment of the highest standards possible. It also provides equipment for longwall moves.

Sales, hire and repair for these products are available at the company’s Mt Thorley and Pt Kembla, NSW facilities.

Battery-Electric Vehicles

PPK Mining Equipment is collaborating with Australian electrical engineering company Ampcontrol for installation of the latest world-class battery-electric vehicle (BEV) technology designed by Ampcontrol into new PPK Mining Equipment personnel carrier vehicles. The companies are working together to also retrofit diesel drive trains in a range of other vehicles manufactured by PPK including the COALTRAM flameproof and explosion protected diesel LHD utility vehicle.

Mining Repair Alternators

PPK Mining’s flameproof alternators have become the product of choice for mines across NSW and Queensland.

These range from 12V to 24V and are the only alternators manufactured and repairable within Australia. Mining Repairs Alternators are designed to comply with IECEx International Certification which relates to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

PPK Electrics

PPK Electrics designs, manufactures, repairs and overhauls equipment for use in hazardous areas including shuttle cars and feeder breakers.

PPK Electrics has a complete range of approved lights, hour meters, junction boxes, pressure switches, cameras and components to conduct a code D electrical overhaul in our workshop facilities or on site.

Manufacturing and Repair Workshops

PPK Mining’s manufacturing and service centre in Tomago, NSW, operates to world-class manufacturing standards that meet the most stringent global export specifications. PPK Mining also has a market-leading service and support centre at Port Kembla in Wollongong and Emerald in Queensland and a service centre at Mt Thorley in the Hunter Valley coalfields.

Tomago, Port Kembla and Emerald facilities have the capacity to complete major plant overhaul, repair and maintenance on all production plant and ExDes diesel plant to the OEM standard.

With a staff of nearly 150 highly trained experts, all design and service work is independently certified to ISO Quality Management System.