The COALTRAM® utility vehicle with an ergonomically designed operator’s compartment for unparalleled productivity in any underground coal mine.

The PPK Mining Equipment’s COALTRAM® is an explosion-protected diesel-powered underground coal utility vehicle, designed and approved to operate in hazardous underground areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. It has a large variety of uses such as loading, hauling, dumping, towing, dragging, and lifting.

The COALTRAM® has numerous integrated designs via modular frame components and an extendable and adaptable hydraulic system. It also features a master hitch arrangement to connect, operate and carry different implements and attachments.

The COALTRAM® is fitted with Registered Explosion-Protected Diesel Engine System (ExDES) And Registered Transport Braking systems (TBS)

  • MDR 088335 DES
  • MDR 085906 TBS


Load frame

  • Low profile compact front frame
  • Long life pins with split-cap pin retention system
  • Boom support and lock for safe work under boom
  • Various Master Hitch designs for interchanging attachments and implements.

Operator’s compartment

Ergonomically and spaciously designed compartment for maximum safety and minimal operator fatigue with:

Maximized leg room due to the Atlas Copco “Footbox”.

Comfortable operators seat offering improved ergonomic positioning, body orientation and generous shoulder and hip room

3-point mounting for entry and exit from operators’ compartment

Power frame

  • Unique power train including an up box, and a transmission with integral converter - allowing space for the “footbox” plus a low profile and short rear end
  • A high power-to-weight ratio complemented by a fully integrated power train


  • Superior serviceability with centralized service areas
  • Remote drain and fill points with ground level access
  • Long-life roller bearing centre articulation hinge
  • Anti-skid material at service access points
  • Design operating ambient temperature 40°C
  • Central manual lubrication
  • Hydraulic hoses and electric cables are well protected and routed for maximum life and durability.