At Firefly we are constantly aware of the requirements of the mining industry, you our customers and the developing changes occurring in OH&S and emission regulations.

    By adhering to strict protocols of research and development of our existing products, production of new ones and outsourcing to other World renown and trusted companies, we endeavour to supply pumps, rockdrills and air operated mining equipment of the highest standard possible.

    To achieve these goals below are some of our main focus points:

    • By Listening to Our Customers Concerns and Ideas
    • Consistent evaluation on current and new market requirements
    • Utilizing computer aided design and manufacturing processes
    • Re-evaluate existing products, material and designs
    • Ergonomic solutions
    • Certified benchmark testing
    • Developing new areas of expertise
    • Completing these criteria will ensure we will continue to supply you with the most efficient, operator friendly, and cost efficient mining equipment available today……